Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Square One TV: the music videos!

Square One TV played a large role in my childhood, or should I say, constituted a large fraction of the television I was allowed to watch growing up. This show was brilliant! And not just for nostalgia's sake. I was surfing YouTube videos for PBS music videos and I saw some that I didn't remember but still cracked me up. Here are some of my favorites that stand the test of time. My 8 year old and twentysomething year old selves approve!

Put a square, put an octagon there... parody of Good Vibrations.

8% of My Love
This is the most hilarious "love song" ever. He breaks down a pie chart of all his loves to his girlfriend (including his parents, car, and guitar), leaving 8% for her.

The Mathematics of Love
Combination song/skit where they're recording a song in ancient Rome. OK not the most realistic of premises, but Roman numerals were never so catchy and amusing. I I I words...

Angle Dance
A fabulous new wave take off.

Nine nine nine
A country ditty 'bout how every multiple of 9 you can find, it all comes back to 9.

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