Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sarah Haskins = awesome

I'm not the only one with a serious girl crush on Sarah Haskins. She's getting noticed all over the blogsphere (and even NPR!) for her hilarious videos for Current TV's show InfoMania. She lampoons advertising and marketing in a segment called Target: Women. She's covered everything from yogurt to wedding dresses to botox to suffrage. She's a Harvard grad and Second City alum (hard to decide which is more impressive!) whose background in improv and impeccable comic timing mean that she's going to have a bright career ahead of her. I'd say she's also an accomplished tri-athlete, but I'm pretty sure that's a different Sarah Haskins.
While some blogs are clamoring for her to join Saturday Night Live or the Daily Show, I think she should make it on her own terms. We need more women comics out there, and funny ones at that. Why should she have to come up through the ranks of male-dominated mainstream media? As much as I love Jon Stewart and old-school SNL, she deserves a show in her own right. And if this earnest and upbeat essay about choosing a career in show business doesn't win you over to her camp, nothing will!
Here's her latest video, "Feeding Your F---ing Family."

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